My Senior Gift Pictorally: Correspondences

After my "awakening" occurred and I began to see UT "for what it was and not for what it presented itself to be," I decided to help bring about changes at this institution. I spoke out against injustices that I heard about or had seen. However, I spent most of my time educating myself so that I could know the history to insure that lasting changes are made.

I know that in order for me to make changes, I must "become the change that I wish to see," so over the last three years I have been doing that. In doing so, I have changed and rethought many of the old concepts and ideas that I grew up knowing; I also spent countless hours doing research to see what has been kept from us for so long, the "truth." I think that through the changes that I made that I have become a better person who is more open-minded and "enlightened."

When I began to see the "light," or after seeing the "light", I decided to let others know how I felt; I demanded and asked that changes be made. I wrote many different comments on the Campus Masterplan Web site, however much of what I had said was filtered and edited, with only a small portion of what I had written being posted on the site. That was the case only if there was not something similar already said by someone else. If there was something similar or if the editors believed that it was similar to what already existed, then the post (no matter the length) would not be included, rather they the site only showed that an "x number of people said the following." This really bothered me and I wanted to find a way to get my opinions and views out without them being filtered or edited...

Before I posted my thoughts onto the "Campus Masterplan" Web site, I had corresponded by e-mail with our ex-President Gilley. I have decided to include the correspondences that because I think that it is important for others to know what was said. Many of the issues and concerns that I brought up still exist on this campus. There have been little to few changes since I first came here, so with the inclusion of my comments/thoughts they can be heard by a wider audience.

However, it wasn't until this semester (Spring 2002) that I realized the President is only a puppet with strings pulled by the Puppet Master. If you were like me, then you probably thought that the President had or has power, but in reality he/she does not. The BOT (Board of Trustees) is responsible for making decisions concerning the University system, and anything that the President wants to must be approved by the "Puppet Masters" who make more in 1 year than many at this University in 5 years!

I realize now that I was expressing my concerns to the wrong person. I should have been talking to the BOT. However, it was good to see where Gilley stood on certain issues and he gave me some insight into other issues as well.

Gilley is not the only person that I have corresponded with during my "time" here. I have written a few e-mails to other members of this institution, the Governor and other representatives of this state, as well as a few companies. I may include some of those comments/concerns.

Letters to Gilley and Replies from Gilley

Concerned Student

Feedback to Gilley

Letter to Gilley

Other Correspondences

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