My Senior Gift Pictorally: Brochures and Flyers

Since my freshman year, I have been collecting brochures, handouts, magazines, and informational packets to broaden my mind on topics that are not covered in the classroom and rarely discussed in any form of the "mainstream" media. I have collected numerous brochures on Islam, which is very important now that many (have finally) decided to learn more about Islam and other religions that they have been ignorant about. It is sad that even after all of the lecture series, events, and informational booths that MSA (Muslim Student Association) has had on this campus and in Knoxville community, people are still ignorant about Islam!

Well, hopefully after checking out the information that I have below, you will know more about Islam than you did before you came to this site. After you leave, you should do more research to "learn" as much as you can about Islam and then spread your knowledge to those you know and don't know ("each one teach one"). For most of the brochures and pamphlets, only the front has been scanned, you can use the contact information given for each to obtain the whole brochure.

Over the past couple of years, especially this year, I have seen some very powerful and informative flyers. However, many of them were ripped apart or torn down after being up for only a couple of hours or days. I was lucky to have been able to scan the flyers before they were "trashed" by those that either fear the truth or do not like to hear things that go against their views.

This year there have been many events such as lectures, videos, workshops, and discussions on many current and controversial topics. Yet, it's sad that there were so few students at most of the events; they should have been filled with students. The events that had the greatest student turn out were the ones in which they were required to come because their professors required it or they were given extra credit for attending. You would think that students would "jump" at the chance to see, hear, and "learn" about information that is provided outside of the classroom and for free, so they could "expand their minds." I guess (many) students are only here to get a "piece of paper," "learning" is not the objective! Is this a correct assumption? If not, then prove me wrong.

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Brochures on Islam

This brochure gives information on Islam (Islam is an Arabic word that means "peace") and Muslims. There is also a discussion on the Qur'an ("basic source of Islamic teachings and laws"—I saw a copy of it in Hodges Library during my freshman year) and Hadith, which is the concept of worship. The brochure discusses The Five Pillars of Islam, and the Islamic way of life, and other valuable information. It was created by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) and if you contact them, they will give you detailed information on Islam.

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 8096 Falls Church, VA 22041-8096
Tel: (703) 931-7239
Fax: (703) 931-7253

This is a very useful brochure that answers many questions that are currently being asked about Islam. You can obtain copies of this brochure by writing to this address:

P.O. Box 962, Elberton, GA 30635

This brochure gives a comparison of Islam and "Farrakhanism" concerning the following beliefs/practices: God/Allah Alone, Prophet/Messenger, The Last Day/The Life Hereafter, The Qur'an, The Bible, Shahadah, salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj, Lawful (halal)/Unlawful (haram), and Authentic Hadith.

From the brochure:

"Islam and, so called 'Nation of Islam' are two different religions. The only thing common between them is the jargon, the language used by both.... Louis Farrakhan joined W.D. Muhammad and gave his pledge of allegiance to him after Elijah Muhammad's death; he later rebelled and broke his oath with impunity without paying any expiation and restarted 'The Nation of Islam'."

Contact Info:

The Institute of Islamic Information & Education
P.O. Box 410129
Chicago, Illinois 60641-0129, U.S.A.
Tel. (773) 777-7443 * Fax. (773) 777-7199
Email: * URL:

The flyer was for an event that happened on November 15th, 2001 in the UC Auditorium. The event focused on The Forgotten Legacy of Islamic Civilization. Through the knowledge imparted by lecturer, Dr. Umar Abd-Allah and photographer, Peter Sanders many of the stereotypes that had surfaced about Islam and its followers were dispelled. Through the presentation of the two gentleman the audience was informed of the rich traditions and the history of Islam over the last 1400 years. The audience was also made aware of the impact that Islam and its followers have had on the West (and the world rest of the world), including the United States.

And I do think that the flyer stayed put after it was put up, except for possibly in a few locations where it may have been torn down. All in all, the event was very successful and there was an overflow of people within the UC Auditorium! Hopefully there will continue to be more events similar to this occurring on campus.

This brochure gives information on Jesus in both the Qur'an and the Bible. The information given is best said by it's introduction:

  1. Jesus: COMMON LINK between Muslims and Christians. (Love and Respect)
  2. Jesus' nature: main area of DIFFERENCE.
  3. Approaches to COMPARATIVE Christology:

Contact Info:

Islamic Information Foundation (a non-profit educational foundation)
8 Laurel Lane, Halifax, N.S., Canada, B3M 2P6
Fax/Phone (902) 445-2494
(remember if living outside Canada, this is an international phone call)

"Jihad" is an Arabic word that means "struggling or striving and applies to any effort exerted by anyone (this in the linguistic sense). This brochure gives an explanation of the different contexts of how the "jihad" is used in the Qur'an and Hadith:

  1. Recognizing the Creator and loving Him most.
  2. Resisting pressure of parents, peers, and society.
  3. Staying on the straight path steadfastly.
  4. Striving for righteous deeds.
  5. Having courage and steadfastness to convey the message of Islam.
  6. Defending Islam and the community.
  7. Helping allied people who may not be Muslim.
  8. Removing treacherous people from power.
  9. Defending through preemptive strikes.
  10. Gaining freedom to inform, educate and convey the message of Islam in an open and free environment.
  11. Freeing people from tyranny.

Contact Info:

The Institute of Islamic Information & Education
4390 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60641-2146
Tel (312) 777-7443 * Fax (312) 777-7199

This brochure discusses the "five pillars of Islam" as well as the "six pillars of the faith in Islam." The pillars of Islam are declaration of monotheism, prayers, zakah (alms/charity), fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the hajj. There is other valuable information within the brochure and a suggested reading list about Islam:

  1. Holy Qur'an (English Translation and Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali)
  2. Towards Understanding Islam (S.A. Maududi)
  3. Islam Basic Principles and Characteristics (K. Ahmed)
  4. The Bible, The Qur'an and Science (M. Bucaile)
  5. Muhammad in the Bible (J. Badawi)
  6. Jesus, A Prophet of Islam (M.A. Rahim)
  7. Status of Women in Islam (J. Badawi)
  8. Polygamy in Islamic Law (J. Badawi)
  9. Islam and Western Society (M. Jameelah)

Contact Info:

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)
P.O. Box 10845, Riyadh 11443 - Saudi Arabia
Tel.: (01) 464-1669 - Fax: (01) 464-1710
(remember if living outside Saudi Arabia, this is an international phone call)

or one of its branches/nearest Muslim organization or center

Web sites on Islam

I hope that the information provided has been useful as you increase your knowledge about Islam.

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