My Senior Gift Pictorally: Brochures and Flyers

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Brochures (and pamphlets) on Iraq

This pamphlet was given out at a lecture given by Dr. Rania Masri on November 1, 2001. She spoke on several different occasions to the UT community about Iraq (specifically the toll of the sanctions on the people and culture) and the before and after of September 11th. Included in the pamphlet is information about the lecture topic (giving an overview of "Why Do They Hate Us So Much?") and a schedule of the lectures and workshops that happened after this event.

During one of the workshops, she interacted with the attendees in a way that very few of the "honored guests" do when they come to campus to speak to us. She sat in a circle with us and we had a very interesting and informative discussion on a variety of topics, and to top it off she answered ALL of the questions that were asked of her.

She was very knowledgeable of the topics that she was addressing and informed us in a way that we felt that she was "talking to us" and "not at us." I would like to see more people like her come to speak at UT: those who are open and honest, and willing to engage in discussions with the UT community.

This is a flyer that was created to spread knowledge about the sanctions on Iraq and how the sanctions were affecting the citizens. This flyer was continuously torn down and shredded. I am not sure of why, especially because the flyer only gives information for others to read more about the toll that the sanctions have had on Iraq. There are also comments that were said by Dennis Halliday concerning his opinion on the sanctions on Iraq. Mr. Halliday was a United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, so he had first-hand knowledge of the sanctions on Iraq as well as their affects and effects on the people, land, and culture of Iraq.

It is important that with President Bush thinking about going to war again with Iraq that we look at and contemplate the damage and deaths that we have caused since 1991 when the first troops arrived in Iraq and when the sanctions began in 1998. Since the war ended, the US bombs Iraq three times per week (yes, 3 times/week), which means even more death and destruction to the people and land. We, the people of the United States must not continue the misery that has occurred in Iraq because of our government over the past 11 years. We have to be strong enough to stand up to our public servants(leaders) and let them know that "enough is enough"... we will not allow any more blood on our hands or hearts.

I think that everyone should look at the history between Iraq and the United States, in particular the relationship between Bush Sr./Reagan and Hussein. For those who don't know, they were quite a team during the Reagan-Bush administration, with Hussein being supplied weapons (chemical, biological, nuclear, etc.) by our government and Hussein supplying the US with what they were asking for (petroleum and/or drugs). But as we all know that relationship turned sour and now Bush Jr. is saying that Iraq (not specifically Saddam Hussein) is a member of "the axis of evil." However, it was the US government who helped replace Iraq's "democratically-elected" President with Saddam Hussein who was known at the time for his zest for killing, among other things. Nonetheless, he was the "right" person that our government wanted to be in power in Iraq.

So before you begin to make assumptions (an ass out of you and me) about Iraq, the sanctions on Iraq, and Saddam Hussein, you may want to do your homework: research the past relationship between the US and Iraq, the finding of petroleum in the "Middle East", the Iraq-Iran Conflict, Saddam Hussein's rise to power, past and current "Arms Deals," our past aggression on Iraq, etc. We need to become an educated citizenry who will not let our public servants pull the wool over our eyes!

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