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This page is dedicated to the revolutionaries of the past, those who asked the questions that we are still trying to find the answers to today. Those who made a difference and weren't afraid of change as they knew that is the only way to make a difference in society and the world. Those who had "conversations in Maine," the ones who debated and discussed topics of all types, and realized that the struggle was bigger than that have occurred for only a race, ethnic group, culture, or gender rather that the struggle was universal and expanded the usual "train of thought."

Thank you to those who paved the way and began the 1st and only true cycle of change in this country and the beginning of the 1st revolution! Note: The so-called "American (United States) Revolution" of the late 1700's against Britain was not one, as they adopted and modified the government, culture, and philosophies of Britain and Europe (at the time of the "Revolution" and the past) and it was limited in who was "freed." In a true revolution, the oppressed have to take on a different identity and role than that of their oppressors and make changes for the better. Before a revolution can take place, all of the hate, anger, frustrations, jealousy, envy, rage, etc. needs to be taken out of the mind, body, and spirit, and then be replaced with love and compassion, if not, once the "revolution" is over, the cycle of oppressor/oppressed will continue, but with those who were originally oppressed turning into the oppressors of another group(s). Rest in Peace (R.I.P.) to those that been slain, lost and never found, kidnapped, and/or forgotten about.

The struggle for freedom, true justice, equality, and human rights still continues in the United States and the rest of the world. One day, we will all be "free."

On this page, I want to include some literature from various "grassroots" organizations that have been making changes and "thinking" since the 50's (and before). I want to make sure that the legacy lives on and that this generation and the next have a chance to read some of the greatest literature of our time. Yes, it is literature because I said it is and also because one of the criteria for literature is that it has to make a point/and or more make you think, they do this and more.

Yet, I just don't want people to read these brochures and pamphlets and then go on with their life like nothing needs to be changed. (things are going to have to change and get better or the United States will definitely go to "hell in a basket" and it will take the rest of the world with it). There are a lot of powerful thoughts and messages contained within the brochures. After you read them, hopefully you will do the following:

"Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World)" by Common on the Like Water For Chocolate Album:
But man does not live on bread alone
What good is a Range/range when it's time to head home?

You may be wondering why I would include something like this on a Web site about UT, am I right? I am including this because many of the questions, issues, and problems that are raised in the brochures (as I mentioned before) are still pertinent today, and some of these same issues have been discussed or rather pushed under the rug by UT and its administrators and the Board of Trustees. There have been a few "pseudo-committees (ad hoc)" created in the last couple of years to handle different problems at UT and nothing has changed or been done. I am sure there will be excuses once people realize that those committees were created only to "pacify" us and to get us to stop thinking about the issues the committees were to look into and resolve, so "business can go on as usual." However, once we start demanding or asking for empowerment and for answers to our questions, hopefully, then UT will listen to us and make changes. However, when issues are brought up or questions are asked, the first response is usually laughter by the official or administrator, why is this???

Everything on this Web site is connected, some will see the connection, others won't, as many are still living within the "realm of the Matrix" and cannot see "reality." So until you realize that we live in a "Matrix" and that there is a world that exists outside of it—to put it bluntly— is fucked up, then and only then, will YOU understand why there is "no rest for those who seek and desire change" and that the struggle (revolution) continues, and that CHANGES and not reforms have to happen. But before changes can occur, we have to do at least 3 things:

  1. Change our mindsets,
  2. Realize that "everything is connected," and
  3. Become the "change that we wish to see."

Many of the pamphlets were created by a group called N.O.A.R.   Click on this link to read more information on the organization. And if you are interested in having your own copy of the pamphlets below, you can buy them at Literature Available from BCNCL.

"Manifesto for an American Revolutionary Party"


"Beyond Usual Politics"


"Towards A New Concept of Citizenship"


"A Job Ain't the Answer"


"Election 1980: What Will We Choose? Rights or Responsibility"


"From Racism to Counter-Revolution"


"How Should We Spend Our Holidays?"


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