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PM Futures Past -- The Home-Grown Solution
New Billion-Dollar Crop
Popular Mechanics - New Billion Dollar Crop
Industrial Hemp as a Cash Crop for Colorado Farmers
CRRH Cannabis and Its Many Uses
Hemp Uses...
The Many Uses of Cananbis
Tree Free Paper
COHIP Industrial Hemp Research Assistant
The Toxic Alternative to Natural Fiber
Chapter 4 Man-Made Fiber
Whats So Great About Hemp
Hemp, The Plant That Can Save Mother Earth
The HempCar Crew!
Hemp may play a role in limiting fat intake
The Amazing Hemp Plant
Farm Bureau News - June 17, 1996
E Magazine - The Environmental, September & October 1999

(Some) Environmentally Friendly On-Line Stores:
Greg Barber Company - Hemp
Bar Harbor Hemporium in Bar Harbor, Maine, near Acadia National Park
American Hemp On-line Store
Non-toxic Natural Bedding. Organic Bedding
Recycled Furniture and Green Furniture - Directory

Articles in the Daily Beacon:
Higher Education Act targeted
New propositions incorporate more harm
Grassy areas?
Prison rate increase begs criticism, understanding
Drug offenses pale when compared to other crimes
Drug war is futile, marijuana basically benign
Up in smoke
Case against medical marijuana up in smoke
Medical marijuana growing closer to medical necessity
Society’s view on marijuana everchanging
Marijuana debate draws crowd
Cartoon debases just cause

The Myths: Do You Know the Truth?
Reefer Madness: The Largest collection of Original 1930s era Propaganda on the web!
Erowid Cannabis Vault: Exposing Marijuana Myths
Exposing Marijuana Myths - A Review of the Scientific Evidence
The Lindesmith Center Presents Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts
Excerpts from Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts
British Medical Journal Marijuana Myths and Marijuana Facts A Review of the Scientific Evidence. - (book reviews)
Marijuana Myths
DEA - Publications - Legalization - Say It Straight Myths of Marijuana
Feds’ Myths About Medical Marijuana Feds’ Myths About Medical Marijuana Myths, Old Wives Tales & Truths About Marijuana
Hemp and Marijuana: Myths and Realities
Hemp Advocates of Texas | Hemp Facts
MarijuanaNews.Com: Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth

Can marijuana be used for medical purposes?
Medical Cannabis Timeline
Timeline of Medical Cannabis Use before Prohibition
Classic Pharmaceuticals
Directory of Medical Marijuana Books from Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network
(Medical) Marijuana Info - FAQs
Dr. Dave’s Hemp Archives
Marihuana as Medicine... - Online Library
Natl Acad Press Catalog: Marijuana As Medicine?

Who Supports Legalization or Reformation?
Why the State of Washington should pass the Hemp Initiative.
Portland NORML: American Medical Association Opposes the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937
Farmacy - American Medical Association opposes Marijuana Tax Act of 1937
GOP Says Yes for Hemp
Nader-LaDuke Support Industrial Hemp Hawaiian Gov. Plants the Seed for Legalizing Hemp!
Hawaiian Industrial Hemp Report
Legislation to deregulate Industrial Hemp introduced in Arizona
Erowid Cannabis Vault: Legal Status
NORML Home - Library - Marijuana Decriminalization Reports and Commission Findings - NORML Report on Sixty Years of Marijuana Prohibition in the U.S.
NORML Home - Library - Marijuana Decriminalization Reports and Commission Findings - NORML Report on Sixty Years of Marijuana Prohibition in the U.S. - Part I
Debby Moore - Found Guilty; Founder, Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp
Woody Harrelson Acquitted On Hemp Charges
Industrial Hemp Movement Growing
The Return of Hemp
Koreas Dying Hemp Industry

Additional Resources: - The Worlds Best Selection of Books on Liberty
References (Cannabis)
Raymond P. Shafer: Resources
C.A.I.R. About Industrial Hemp
Industrial Hemp
Marijuana and Hemp Story: Introduction
Learn More About Hemp
UKCIA Library

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