My Senior Gift Pictorally: UT Diplomas


The "Big Orange Screw"
that pimps me and you
keeps us here longer than 4,
don't know what to do,
but I don't want to be screwed like the ones who came before me.

Maybe it's just me,
but UT
needs a dose of reality.
UT has to quit lying to and cheating the people
that support them.

Time spins
like robots on the fritz,
we feel trapped between
two worlds:
the world we see on the news
and UT,
the lies,
the deceit,
the fraud,
and the lack of quality.

It's time to open the eyes
and see UT for what it really is.
We need to stop listening to the lies
and pulling the wool over our eyes.

It's time to stop the presses
and start the truth seeking.

The Big Orange Screw
done happened to at least 44,
don't let it happen to any more.

We need to educate ourselves
about the history of UT,
it's true priorities,
and meet with the company execs, the Board of Trustees,
skip the President
he's just another resident
with an inflated paycheck,
but no power to make changes.

If change is what you seek,
then you must stop being meek
and speak
out on what you see and hear,
don't let what you know
stay bottled up,
letting the saga continue.

The Big Orange Screw,
ends once we all stand up
and tell what we know.
They can't hide behind the armed guards
and closed doors forever.
They will have to venture into the light one day.

- Obiora Embry, 2002

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Last Modified: 13 October 2006 EST