My Senior Gift Pictorally: Welcome to My Senior Gift

I have almost completed my "time" here at UT.  I may be released but possibly without what I came here to obtain.  Nonetheless, it is time for me to go, I served a long enough "sentence" and I cannot be here any longer.  I guess now is better than ever—before I may have folded like a bad Poker hand—to express my true feelings.  I don't care any more and what I need (and have) to say should have been said years ago when I first came across the "reality" about our "beloved University" that has been hidden and unknown for too long.

I present to the other "inmates" of this institution, the University of Tennessee, my "Senior Gift."  As a tradition, (from my understanding) the graduating senior class in the semester they are "released" or think that they are eligible for "parole" decide either on collective or individual gifts to leave the rest of the student body.  I am assuming that the gifts in the past have involved raising money to buy something that this institution did not (and does not) need, used to try and control nature, or to bring more "fresh meat" here, however I said, "@#*k this!"  I feel that since this will be my last semester, I decided to make UT better than how it was when I first arrived.  In doing so, I hope to leave a "jewel" or two in everyone's mind.

Some of the preceding words and ideas may cause confusion now, but I promise that before you finish reviewing the whole Web site, it will begin to make sense and you may even see and recognize some of the correlations yourself (or you may not).  Regardless, I hope that you leave here with some type of "jewel," either a new idea or some information from a perspective that you had never bothered to seek or understand.  In doing this, I know that I am putting myself in grave danger as those in power will not want some of the information and thoughts that I will discuss out in the open.   However, since they have never seemed to care about or respect students—especially not our interests, why should I respect theirs?  Isn't respect like communication, in that it's a 2-way street?


In some religions, values and/or thoughts from outside the religion are feared, why is this?  Does this mean that there is/was something that the creators of that particular religion fear/feared that could/would lead to the demise of the religion?  For those who "practice" a religion, instead of just practicing occasionally the words of your religious doctrine(s), why don't you be the words of your God(s), Goddess(es), spirits, or prophets?  Emulate their behavior!  Anyone can say that he/she is a "religious" person, but how many truly emulate "divine" behavior everyday?  Or is it that only on the Sabbath or as the Sabbath approaches one begins to behave in a way that is acceptable within their doctrine(s)?  Is this why, God, Goddesses, and/or spirits were taken from the Earth (aka "Mother Earth") and moved to the sky/heavens?  Doesn't this allow people to do as they please on this Earth and to the Earth, since their creator(s) (depends possibly on the version and translation) is nowhere to be seen or heard?


Just some of my observations and thoughts, I represent no group, all of my views are primarily my views and there will be some views that may seem very close or similar to different organizations at this institution and/or worldwide.  Since I am a product of the world, my feelings and thoughts will be a mixture of my background and environment, values, information gathered from my elders and peers, and the experiences that I have had.

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You have two choices now: you can either view the rest of this Web site or leave fearing the unknown and possibly....

the TRUTH!

"All truth passes through 3 stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

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