My Senior Gift Pictorally: WBAQ

Will Be Asked Questions?

Why did you create this Web site?

I suggest that you reread the Home and Introduction.

What do you want me to get out of this Web site?

I hope that you will gain a greater insight into UT, the "Big Orange Screw," and the world that we live in. Much of the information that I have included is based on research that I have done over the years. I have included it here because I hope that it will "expand your mind" and get you to "think" about the "Matrix" that we currently live in and how it affects everything we see and do. The "Big Orange Screw" is bigger than UT and those who help the "Screw" to continue. I am just providing my (and others) thoughts on what I have experienced directly and indirectly through my 5 year sentence at UT!

If you are thinking about coming to UT, I hope that you will learn more about UT before you make your decision. It is imperative that we become "smart" and "informed" consumers that shop around before choosing any product or service, especially one that could cost you a total of ,000. I am sure that all schools have their "skeletons" and UT's skeleton is called the "Big Orange Screw."

What is this "Big Orange Screw" that you keep referring to?

To tell you the truth, I don't know. It is hard to put something like that into a formal definition in which I use verbs, nouns, and/or adjectives because it is different for everyone who experiences it. I really doubt that any two people, even from the same family will experience it the same way. However, I can say this about the "screw" and that is once it happens, you will know that you have been "screwed!" You can be screwed by the Financial Aid Office, Admissions, Dining Services, the Registrar's Office (they deal with graduation), by the Administration and the BOT (well, everyone gets "screwed" by them), the Athletic Department, or your academic department. I am sure that there are other sectors/departments of the University that I am leaving out...

Has your time here really been "hell?"

Damn right, I wouldn't say it's been hell if it hadn't been. I have been through a lot of bull shit here, but on the real, what I have been through is nothing compared to the workers of this institution that work here full-time and have been doing so for 10 or more years. I don't know how they do it, but I guess they may not have any other choice since they have been working here for so long. My heart and soul go out to them, I can see and feel their frustrations, pains, burdens, and worries, and my hell is nothing compared to what they go through everyday.

You only seem to glorify or talk about the negative aspects of UT, was there anything that you liked about UT? If not, then why did you never leave?

I don't know. I don't think that I can say anything good about UT (meaning the administration and BOT, police, Dining Services, Athletics, etc.). I just really don't think I can, I probably could, if they [UT] had came out and told me before I came here how it really was. If they had been open and honest about the "Big Orange Screw;" the "racial atmosphere"; the narrow-minded faculty, staff, students, administration, etc.; the oppression of the workers and students (among others); the superiority complex of the athletes; and everything else, then I would have respect for UT and be able to say something positive. However, since that was not the case, I did not make an "informed" and "wise" decision.
I still probably would have came here mainly because I knew that I would have a support group. But since I was lied to and am still being lied to now, I cannot respect UT nor can I say anything good about it.

As far as me leaving, yes, I did have plans to leave and it wasn't even just leaving, it was about dropping out of college. It had nothing to do with grades, but more of how I was feeling and the things that were going on in my life at the time. Sometimes, well many times, I wished that I had dropped out my sophomore year, so I wouldn't have continued into the lower levels or upper levels (depends on how you look at it) of HELL. And then I thought, hell, I have made a few contacts and have gotten to know my way around here, so I kind of do not want to attend another school to become a "freshman" all over again.

So I stayed and with my staying, I decided to try and make a difference. No, I wasn't on the front lines, but I was in the background doing my research and trying to figure out how to make the biggest change. I realized that fighting the "system" head on without any knowledge of how it operates, the key players involved, etc. there is not hope in winning. I realized that you have to study it [the system] and then make your move, so it's similar to the "Westernized" version of Chess.

A History of Chess Oldest Chess game Commentary on the Chess Game of the Gnostics (Sufi Snakes and Ladders)

There are many references to "prisons" and "jails," why is this?

That question will be answered on the page called "prisons" and it is currently under construction. After the page is completed you will know why colleges/universities and all "public schools" are synonymous with prisons! Until then...

Are you angry?

No, I am not angry, I am just very dissatisfied with my "education" here and the "Big Orange Screw" that has haunted and still haunts me.

Are you full of hate?

No, I am not full of hate. I have lots of love and compassion, as the late Ernesto "Che" Guevara once said, "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.   It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

So you consider yourself a revolutionary?

No, I do not consider myself anything besides the name that I have been given, that is what I am and will be until the day that I am put back into the Earth.

Do you plan to leave your e-mail address or contact information for people who have questions or comments about your site?

No, what do you think this page is for? I have answered what I think will be asked. As for the rest of the Web site, I think that everything is self-explanatory, so I do not feel the need to repeat myself or elaborate on what has been said.

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