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Some Marijuana Myths


   “It’s a gateway drug.”

   “There are no medicinal values.”

   “The use of marijuana is increasing at an alarming rate.”

   “The THC level in marihuana has increased to dangerously high levels since the 1960’s.”

   “Using marijuana is addictive.”

   United States law has always treated hemp and marijuana the same.

   “One cannot tell the difference between marijuana and hemp.”

   “Smoking industrial hemp can get you high!”

   Marijuana causes lung cancer

   Marihuana causes brain damage

   The Marihuana Tax of 1937 that led to marihuana prohibition was a lengthy hearing in which massive evidence was presented as to why marijuana had to be made illegal.

   “You grow hemp and marijuana in the same manner, so hemp fields can be disguised as marijuana fields.”

   “Marijuana has always been illegal.”


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Last Modified: 30 October 2007 EST